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What is Opportunity?

February 13, 2012

Do you know what opportunity is? I would bet that over 70% of Americans do not know what an opportunity really is. Which is extremely unfortunate! Opportunity happens every day and every minute, but only a few take advantage of those opportunities.

Do you believe in luck? I get it. There are some instances where luck may play a role, but I don’t believe in luck. I believe in timing and preparedness. Some of the greatest minds in business said that “Luck” is where preparedness meets opportunity, and that is exactly right!

I want to walk you through typical day of one of my mentors. His name is Ed DeCosta. About every morning he is up at 5AM. He gets the essentials done, like checking e-mail and social media. Every day is filled with success activities, such as writing blog posts, video blog posts, meeting with clients, teaching for the University, and spending time with his family. Throughout each and every day opportunities always arise, and he always takes advantage of them. Most opportunities are not seen to the average eye because they entail work, and most people, don’t enjoy extra work. Being prepared helps him see opportunities, when others don’t, and that is why he has been so successful within his career. I once asked him, how he kept up and completed everything within a day that he had scheduled. He said, “It is not hard to complete your goals, if you have your day planned out. Be precise, and eliminate distractions.”

These are his Top 10 Productivity Tips

1.Rise Early.
2.Review/tweak the plan for the day.
3.Do Important Things First.
4.No multitasking!
5.Avoid interruptions.
6.Work Your Plan
7.Mini-breaks every ~90 minutes
8.Eat small, frequent meals.
9.Get your heart rate up by moving.
10.End the day by planning tomorrow.
For more information of Ed DeCosta, you can visit his company page, The Catalyst Associates.
To sum up on opportunity, it lies everywhere, and it usually falls outside of your comfort zone. So if you’re feeling comfortable, do something that you would normally not do. Remember when you parents said don’t talk to strangers? Well if you want to seek opportunity, you’re going to have to start talking to more people, including strangers. Take advantage of the productivity tips, and learn to seize the opportunity in your life.
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  1. February 25, 2012 10:57 AM

    Thanks again for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

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